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How To Improve And Renovate Homes

by: Jon Caldwell Basically, home improvements refer to the method of refurbishing, repairing, or making add-ons to one's home. In this way, homeowners get to change, alter, or modify their homes without having to change the whole house. Because most homeowners would...

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Tips for Hiring a Contractor

by: Dhorj Escusa You've seen it in the magazines and you've seen it on TV. Now, see it right inside your homes: hardwood flooring being installed. Hardwood flooring, ever since, has always been an image of sophistication, tradition and of being conservative. Hardwood...

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After The Flood

with credit to Homes & Cottages magazine Climate change is being sighted as the cause of the floods that hit two Canadian cites and if the experts are right we should be prepared for more extreme weather events. 2013 has been a year of unexpected flooding and it...

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Tips from Tim Carter

Tim Carter writes a weekly news letter entitled Ask the Builder that provides useful maintenance and product tips. His website is available at: